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20 July 2010

Hope Flock

:: A Beautiful New Video from ProJect

14 July 2010

Catch Rich Hope Live At The Railway Club

"Shake This Joint Around” is the most direct introduction to an album to come since ZZ Top tore through “Thunderbird” on Fandango. The band beats with a pulse as steady as a piledriver, rolling forward like a lone freight across an endless prairie.

"A" | Stuart Derdeyn | The Vancouver Province

06 July 2010

Maximum Jazz Radio :: Vol 2

In light of the recent solid press received for Project and their new album Alchemist we've decided to feature this exciting new release in its entirety. Soothing tunes for the long hot summer days...enjoy!

:: About 
Project is a collaboration between composer and drummer Mike St-Jean and electronic artist and filmographer Math Rosen. Alchemist is a strong and impressive debut full of subtle rhythms, lush arrangements and infectious moments where keys, double bass & drums explore dynamic, tonal and energetic possibilities founded on digital samples & loops.

:: The Critics Speak 
ChartAttack writes... 4.5 out of 5!  Think Tortoise, Four Tet, or maybe even Final Fantasy, and you're getting there. But to say ProJect sound a lot like any of these acts, or anything else out there, doesn't quite get to the heart of this compelling and promising collaboration. more...

Monday Magazine states... Alchemist stands as a solid addition to any musical library that already includes the likes of Cinematic Orchestra, Cobblestone or Tom Middleton. more...

TV Week Magazine says... 4 Stars! Electronica for a universal audience.

:: For more information 
On Project, Mike St. Jean or Math Rosen make sure to visit us at: or iTunes

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