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Company House Records
Carmen Townsend
EMI Music Canada
Honey And The Money
Mike St-Jean
The Mighty One

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EMI Music Canada
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:: Releases

Angela Harris
:: Is Your Life As It Should Be
:: Roots

:: Devoted

Belinda Bruce
:: Dream Yourself Awake

Bill Runge
:: A Tribute To The North American Masters
:: Acid Test

:: Late Nights, Early Mornings

Brad Turner Quartet
:: Small Wonder
:: What Is
:: Live At The Cellar, featuring Seamus Blake
:: There and Back

Brad Turner Trio
:: Question The Answer

Bruno Hubert Trio
:: Get Out Of Town

:: Carsick

Chris Gestrin
:: Trio
:: Times That Do Not Belong To Us

Chris Tarry
:: Of Battles Unknown Mysteries
:: Project 33
:: Sevyn
:: Unition

Christa Couture
:: Fell Out Of Oz

:: The Doctor Is In
:: Candy Shop

Crouched Head
:: Crouched Head

Dark Blue World
:: Dark Blue World

David P. Smith
:: Striving For A New Tomorrow

Don Rooke
:: Atlas Travel

Elaschuk/Ryga Quartet
:: Any Answers

Emily Jordan
:: Emily Jordan

Flophouse Jr
:: Houseboat

Fond Of Tigers
:: A Thing To Live With

Geoff Berner
:: Whiskey Rabbi
:: We Shall Not Flag or Fail

George Evans
:: Movie Songs

Great Uncles of the Revolution
:: Blow The House Down
:: Stand Up

Herald Nix
:: Soul of a Kiss
:: What A World

Honey And The Money
:: The Elephant In The Room

Ian McDougall Sextet
:: Nights In Vancouver

:: Inhabitants

Jahnke, Tarry, Foster
:: I Got Jazz For Christmas

Jenny Whiteley
:: Hopetown

Jillian LeBeck
:: Living In Pieces

Jim Byrnes
:: Fresh Horses

:: Self Portrait

Kate Hammett-Vaughan
:: Devil May Care
:: Eclipse
:: How My Heart Sings

Kia Kadiri
:: Feel This

:: LaConner

:: Modern Behavior

:: Closer Than They Appear

Laura Crema
:: Spring Is Here
:: Almost Blue

Maren Ord
:: Not Today

:: Live
:: Metalwood 1
:: Metalwood 2
:: Metalwood 3

Michael Carey
:: Michael Carey

:: NewSchool

Oliver Gannon Quartet
:: Live At The Cellar

:: Dust Bowl Revival

Pete Samples
:: An Unsent Letter

Rabnett 5
:: Reclamation
:: Rest

Rae Spoon and Rodney DeCroo
:: Trucker's Memorial

Randy Bachman
:: JazzThing

Rebecca Jenkins
:: Blue Skies

Rich Hope
:: Rich Hope and His Evil Doers

Rodney DeCroo
:: War Torn Man
:: Rodney DeCroo and The Killers

Ronnie Artur
:: Get This

Ross Taggart Quartet
:: Thankfully

:: Sekoya

Sharon Minemoto Quintet
:: Side A

Shuyler Jansen
:: Hobotron

:: Unity Gain

Springer and DuCommun
:: A New Country
:: Two Weeks From Everywhere

Steve Dawson
:: Bug Parade

The Guess Who
:: Let's Go

The Town Pants
:: Weight of Words
:: Liver Dance
:: Piston Baroque

The Violet Archers
:: The End of Part One

The Winks and Tights
:: Split ep

Tony Wilson
:: Horse's Dream

Various Artists
:: Dragon Boys, Music from the award winning Television Series

Various Artists
:: Grrrls With Guitars, Vol. 3

Various Artists
:: Here Come The Boys, A Canadian Crooner Collection

Various Artists
:: Jazz To The Max, Vol. 1

Various Artists
:: Maximum Jazz presents, Live At The Cellar

Various Artists
:: OutTV, Out For The Holidays

Various Artists
:: Vinyl Republik presents Fear of a Digital Planet

:: Zubotta

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