What We Do

There are too many companies out there offering the same product. We should give people a different experience. Otherwise it's a waste of time.

By developing a one-stop-shop our clients can engage us for specific services when most needed.  We provide vertically integrated music marketing and career development services to recording artists, independent record labels, arts organizations and entertainment companies from across Canada and around the world.

Integrated Music Services By Design
  • Artist Management
  • Label Services
  • Digital Distribution
  • Traditional Distribution
  • Music Licensing for Film & Television
  • Publicity
  • Commercial Radio Promotion
  • CBC Radio Promotion
  • College Radio Promotion
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Touring and Performer Services
  • Consultation
  • Public Speaking
  • Seminars, Workshops & Master Classes

"Entrepreneurship is Essential" and your song is not a business plan.

Music Business 101 is one thing but the DIY mentality can quickly lead to WTF!  In order for new artists to have the best competitive edge they must combine their passion for music with sound entrepreneurial practices and with over 20 years experience in the business we call music, Brian Watson, founder and president of Maximum Music speaks, teaches and writes about proven real-world career development strategies and marketing techniques, while exploring new and innovative ways that the DIY artist can connect, market and promote themselves on the world stage.

Brian is a current faculty member at The Harbourside Institute of The Arts, has presented classes at the Capilano University and Vancouver Island University and is a panellist at various music industry conferences across Canada. He is also an active member of both the Juno Awards selection jury and the Canada Council for The Arts peer assessment committee and is a past sitting member of the Capilano University's Arts and Entertainment program advisory board.

Courses and Lesson Plans include ::

:: Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan
Sales, Marketing, Promotion & Publicity

:: Starting Your Own Musician Business
Small Business Planning

:: Entrepreneurship is Essential
Goal Setting & Situational Analysis

:: Doing It Yourself Best Practices
DIY 101

:: The Flow of Rights & The Flow of Dough
Copyright & Music Publishing 101

:: Using Analytics To Measure Results
Marketing With Data

:: You Will Need A Team & It's Not A Matter of "If" but Rather "When"
Labels Major vs Indies

:: Getting Your Music Out There
Distribution 101

:: Developing an Online Marketing Plan
The 6 Phases of Online Music Marketing

:: Managing Your Tribe
Direct To Fan (D2F) Marketing

:: Super Serve Your Customer
Niche Marketing Techniques

:: Everything Must Cross Promote
Social Media Marketing

:: You Have Mail
Email Marketing 101

:: Like, Hear, Buy
20 Things You Must Know About Being Online

:: Grass Roots
Building a Press Kit

:: Music 3.0
How Artists and Their Managers Will Shape The Future

:: The Future of Music
The Top 10 Truths of The Business We Call Music

:: Lights, Camera, Action
Promoting Your Music To The World of Film & Television

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