25 February 2008

For Immediate Release

The Brad Turner Quartet nominated for
Favourite Jazz Artist/Group or Duo of the Year!

Tuesday, February 28, 2008 (Vancouver, BC) - The 2008 Independent Music Awards (aka. The Indies) have released its list of nominees and we are proud to announce that the Brad Turner Quartet has received a nomination in the Favourite Jazz Artist/Group or Duo of the Year category.

Juno award winning Brad Turner is one of Canada’s most prominent, prolific and in-demand jazz artists and musician. Based in Vancouver, Brad is known mainly for his trumpet playing, but is proficient on three instruments — trumpet, piano and drums — and has recently been gaining more recognition as a world class composer and producer.

The quartets sixth album "Small Wonder" released Oct 30 on the respected jazz imprint Maximum Jazz and distributed by EMI Music has been described by the Vancouver Sun as "Horn at its Purest" and Downbeat Magazine has named Brad as one of the "Top Trumpters In Jazz".

The 2008 Indie Awards are part of Canadian Music Week (Canada's International Music Convention) and will be held in Toronto on March 8th.

About the "The Indies":
The spirit and success of independent music is stronger and louder than ever. Hundreds of artists, who don't fit in with the ever-narrowing radio formats, are none-the-less breaking through to a hungry public and winning the support of fans, media and tastemakers across the nation. These artists will be honoured at the public presentation of the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards show, simply titled "The Indies". For more information visit www.cmw.net

About Maximum Jazz:
The newly minted Maximum Music Group Inc is an award winning label and management company based in Vancouver, Canada and this young company has gone on to become an industry leader of discovering new and innovative ways to connect, promote and deliver artists and their music to the world; recently exemplified by the launch of the highly successful online music website www.mymaxcast.com - a music community and content aggregator providing valuable marketing resources and support for artists from around the world.
Maximum's artists and projects are distrbuted by EMI Music Canada and have been recognized with:
6 Juno Awards
7 National Jazz Awards
6 Western Canadian Music Awards
5 Canadian "Indie" Music Awards

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For information about Maximum Jazz or Brad Turner, contact:Brian Watson, Maximum Music Group Inc. at 604.671.6234 or brian.watson@maximummusicgroup.com

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