28 June 2010

CD Review :: The Worst Thing About This Disc Is That It's To Damn Short

CD Review: Project

Project: Alchemist (Maximum Jazz)

"The latest entry in the admittedly elusive jazz-electronica genre, Project is the Vancouver pairing of composer and drummer Mike St. Jean and electronic artist Math Rosen (Liar’s Rosebush), who together have created a lush soundscape that engages the ear as much as it does relax the mind. While only a five-track EP, Alchemist stands as a solid addition to any musical library that already includes the likes of Cinematic Orchestra, Cobblestone or Tom Middleton. Neither full-on beat-laden electronica nor anything in the traditionally laid-back jazz vein, Alchemist (much like its namesake) is an engaging blend of rich styles, guaranteed to intrigue anyone looking for a mature listen. The worst thing about this disc is that it’s so damn short, but it works great if you put it on repeat."

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