13 February 2011

CD Review: The Town Pants | The Argosy

A Celtic rock group from North Vancouver, The Town Pants delivers warm soul along with a rebel punch. Their music has been dubbed West Coast Celtic, because of their instrumental blend of Irish traditional and Americana roots.

Their latest release, Shore Leave, is upbeat and stylistically varied, surprisingly so for a folk repertoire. They have a sound very similar to Mumford and Sons, especially the second track, ‘trains not taken’. 

They show maturity in their songwriting in ‘coming home’, a nostalgic ballad about reuniting with friends and family – my favourite song on this gem of an album. With lyrics like ‘a thousand days behind me, and a thousand miles to go’ paired with uplifting string melody, this song basks the listener in optimism. You should check out the last track ‘run to the hills’!

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