21 March 2011

Randy Quaid and The Fugitives Live In Vancouver

Randy Quaid hit the stage this past Friday night at the famous Commodore Ballroom, not to film a scene from a new Hollywood blockbuster, but as a singer-songwriter, debuting two songs from what could be a new EP in the offing. 

Quaid stands alongside such peers as Bill Bob Thornton, Kevin Costner, Dan Aykroyd and Russell Crowe.  As creative people it is completely reasonable to assume that actors are moved by music as much as anyone else, but unfortunately, there's usually suspicion following those actors who become singer-songwriters. Happily Quaid did himself and his band proud, quickly proving all naysayers wrong.

The first of two songs was the serene lover's lament entitled Will We Be Together Then, a beautiful piece of Americana with Cash-esque vocals, followed by the punk/roots-rock of Star Whackers featuring smart and clever lyrics directed at those who feed the public's appetite for propaganda and drive the cult of personality.

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