09 June 2011

"Go get this album and enjoy it" - Fanrealm.com Reviews Shore Leave by The Town Pants

Shore Leave is the latest album by the great Vancouver Celtic Rock band The Town Pants.

Shore leave is what happens when sailors put into port and got out to party. This is a party album for sure. Drinking in the Graveyard is, hands down, the best ghost story I’ve ever heard. Death Feels Like Me Today is about a place we can probably all recognize. Songs about hard drinking sailors and actors are joined by a song about their hometown called Rainville, a lovelorn ballad called Angel and a celt rock version of Iron Maiden’s Run for the Hills. Trains Not Taken is based on the short story by Joe R Lansdale.

This album takes you out of your here and now and sends you on your own shore leave. It’s a lot of fun and great music. You’ll be singing along with this one. I really liked every song on this album but the idea of drinking in a graveyard with famous authors, inventors, actors and explorers is such a delicious idea that this one has to be my favorite although Trains Not Taken is a very close second.

You’ve absolutely earned your shore leave. Go get this album and enjoy it!

Joe R Lansdale

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