16 September 2011

Maximum Free Music Friday :: Ryan McAllister

Welcome to our second offering of Maximum Free Music Fridays, Artist Showcase. As Vancity has seen its first rain in sometime, we thought we'ed run with the theme and introduce you to local singer-songwriter Ryan McAllister and feature the track This Black Heart, one of our favourites from his debut full length Music For A Rainy Town.

Ryan McAllister’s career began as the lead singer/songwriter for Dakona, McAllister runs Five Acres, a professional recording studio in a converted barn a few steps from his home in a sleepy corner of Southwest B.C.

McAllister wrote, produced, recorded and mastered Music for a Rainy Town, an honest, vulnerable and diverse record that covers the genre gamut between southern pop, story-telling folk, and straight-up rock. At times, it is reminiscent of artists like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and John Mayer, but McAllister’s unique vocal stylings set it apart as something all its own.

In an age of 99 cent singles, Music for a Rainy Town is a powerful 12 song album from front to back, with each track showcasing strong, seasoned storytelling, engaging melodies and lyrics steeped in imagery.

“Amazing singer songwriter, one of Canada’s best and is no doubt still one of the country’s brightest yet to be fully discovered and appreciated talents.” Freeway Frank, Virgin Radio Montreal, Former Host of Canadian Top 20

Official Site :: www.ryanmcallister.com 
Twitter :: @ryanmcallister_

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