21 October 2010

American Songwriter Showcases Mikey Wax

The track "Birmingham" by tune-smith Mikey Wax is featured this week on the homepage of American Songwriter Magazine! As we all know American Songwriter Magazine the most prestigious music magazines for the craft of the singer/songwriter!

Hailing from Long Island, NY, singer-songwriter Mikey Wax is influenced by classic artists like the Beatles and U2, including contemporary artists such as Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and David Gray.

With over 1 million plays on MySpace, Mikey has gone on to develop a credible following throughout the US exemplified by his video for "In Case I Go Again" reaching over 420,000 views on YouTube.

"Not since the debut of John Mayer has there been a singer/songwriter that has managed to capture the same excitement as Mikey Wax has with his music in a longtime. With an amazing voice and enduring presence, Mikey has all the magical parts (talents, skills, stage presence, looks, and that amazing voice) to make him a special commodity in the music industry." (www.juniorscave.com)

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