01 October 2010

Math Rosen, Auto Reverse Vol.1 Free Download

Canadian beat-slinger Math Rosen releases Audio-Reverse, Volume 1. 30 minutes of new original beats, featuring all your favourite rappers.

Remember those Rap Traxx days Neneh Cherry, LL Cool J, Kool Moe D, Mix-a-Lot. I've always wanted to see those Rap Traxx days again. So I'm popping a new tape in the deck. I won't hit rewind... Just push play, and flip that AUTO-REVERSE switch. See where it takes me. - Math Rosen

Rosen is the man behind Liar's Rosebush and most recently can be heard collaborating with composer/drummer Mike St-Jean as part of the acclaimed jazz-electronica group Project. Math fuses bass culture with noise and funk, producing beats that are both infectious and evocative. On stage, his signature live performance style of flailing limbs and fancy fingerwork transforms him into a bouncing hip-hop-electro-dynamo. Math Rosen brings an energy and personality to the game that few can rival.

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